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Pasta Sauce

Take your homemade spaghetti to the next level with our organic Marinara Sauce made with a mouthwatering blend of vine-ripened California tomatoes, garlic and oregano. Pass the cheese, please!

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French Dressing

It’s amour! Experience love at first bite

with this sweet, tangy and oh-so-delicious

Organic, Whole30 French Dressing.

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Always Organic. Always Accessible.

Meeting your dietary needs

Always Organic.
Always Accessible.

Organic is for everyone. Because we all deserve good health. And because every person who opts into organic moves us closer to a tipping point of new shared possibility. That’s why, to expand positive impact and change the food system for the better, we are welcoming more people in.

Our work and our passion is to provide access and enjoyment for all. We work towards providing options for those who seek a healthier lifestyle, including foods that taste good, and contribute to a hopeful future that nourishes us all.

Our Story

Organicville was born in 2004, inspired by a dream to create high quality organic foods that everyone could enjoy. Founder Rachel Kruse grew up eating organic dressings from recipes handed down from her grandmother. Later, as a mom herself, Rachel realized that despite being able to easily buy organic lettuce, her only option at the store was to purchase non-organic dressing; which seemed to defeat the purpose. Organicville dressings were Rachel’s first creations, and from that point on, she made it her mission to develop unique and healthy products for all to enjoy.

Today, Organicville stretches past our organic roots and continues to provide products with a variety of attributes: Plant Based, Whole 30 compliant, Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free, Paleo, 0g added sugar and made with agave.