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Crispy Tofu Nuggets with Organicville Ketchup Recipe

June 22nd, 2022

Tray of Crispy Tofu Nuggets with Organicville Ketchup

A vegan take on a childhood favorite.  These crispy tofu nuggets with Organicville® Ketchup are the perfect addition to your recipe rotation.  With a crispy exterior and tender interior, these nuggets are sure to be a hit. Best served with Organicville ketchup!

The best way to revamp your favorite childhood meal? Swap out chicken for tofu! These crispy tofu bites provide the same joy that childhood nuggets brought with a fun vegan twist. They’re super easy to make and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

For those unfamiliar with cooking with tofu, it’s an easy and great alternative to meat products since it’s filling and packed with protein. In this recipe, the tofu provides a super smooth and chewy filling to the crispy nuggets.

One important thing to note with tofu is prior to cooking, you should press the tofu blocks to remove excess water. Simply wrap the tofu in a towel or an absorbent cloth and place something heavy on top of the blocks. We often find ourselves using heavy pans or wood cutting boards. After about 30 minutes of pressing, your tofu should lose a good amount of water and lose some thickness.

After pressing, your tofu is ready to be cut into “nuggets.” To make the coating, simply combine the flour, breadcrumbs and all the other seasonings in a shallow bowl. Like any other breading process, we rotate dipping the tofu in the flax eggs and the dry mixture. The flax eggs create a sticky exterior for the flour breadcrumb mixture to stick to.

After placing these tofu nuggets on a tray to bake, they will develop a crispy exterior that mimics that of your traditional chicken nugget. We love serving these hot with a large bowl of Organicville® Ketchup on the side for ample dipping.

These tofu nuggets make a great lunch or dinner treat. To make them a full and well-rounded meal, we love serving them with a side salad or some homemade french fries. They’re also great for a party appetizer and will keep everyone nice and full!